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Hi there,

I am a semi-new lurker and first time poster, with a pinch of burgeoning baker thrown in.  I have been reading a lot on here, and am trying to get into baking; I cook a lot, but have avoided the world of bread making for some reason I don't really know (we'll just lump it under "childhood traumas, assorted."), but I am interested in making the leap in. I can't imagine why I would be frightened of flour+water+yeast, etc., so I need to get over it - it's not THAT hard, right?

I also wanted to mention that I work at a restaurant supply company ( in Portland, Oregon, and I deal specifically in smallwares (that's tools, small equipment, tableware, presentation, serving, etc.) so if you are search of anything, I may be able to help you - I'm great at problem-solving and I can find just about anything for you, if we don't have it in the store, I can special order it for you.  We also have used equipment - a lot of Hobart stand mixers, so if you are looking for a mixer, we have them. 

Thanks for reading, and if you have any kind words of support and/or encouragement, please throw them this way!

Carolyn  -

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And welcome to TFL!

You are right that there really isn't anything to be frightened of in bread baking.  The ingredients can be every bit as simple as you describe.  It's all of the possible combinations and permutations that make this such an interesting pursuit.

Keep us posted about your breads, ask questions, or lament about a failure.  You will find plenty of others here who know just what you are talking about.


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Thank you!

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baseball is just throwing, catching, hitting and running. What can be so hard about that?

Basic bread is just flour, water, yeast and salt, but as always the devil is in the details.

Welcome to the forum.