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Hi from Ohio

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Hi from Ohio

Just joined this group as I found The Fresh Loaf when looking for how to substitute regular yeast for instant yeast.  Looks like the bread turned out's still cooling.

I'm a novice fact I've been without an oven for nearly a year.  Managed to do some baking in a toaster oven so if anyone is stuck with just that I might have a tip or two.  Just got my new oven last week and it's heavenly.



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Welcome!  I hope you are in a warmer part of Ohio than I am.  Baking is one way to help stay warm.  Glad you are back to baking in a bigger oven. 

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Doc Opa

Glad you found us.


Mark from Toledo OH

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I to suffered the heartbreak of a broken oven, good fortune allowed for repair rather than the big bucks for a new one.

Charlie from Bowling Green OH