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Graham Flour Bread

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Graham Flour Bread

As I ponder my lost youth I keep going back to when I first started baking bread... 60 some years ago. the lady that taught me only made graham flour bread ..

as I remember it, it was a light, soft, slightly sweet all purpose sandwich bread, baked in a loaf pan. she may have used water .. but maybe milk.  maybe all graham, maybe white and graham mixed .. I have googled, and searched everywhere but can't come on a recipe for it. is there anyone on this site  that may remember that far back, and have the recipe ? graham flour is hard to find but I finally did get some Bob's Red Mill. strangely, neither them nor King Arthur have the recipe. Should I just use my favorite wheat bread recipe, and substitute with graham flour ? Any help, suggestions are appreciated.  



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Bob's Red Mill site. A couple, or 3 recipes. Scroll towards the bottom of page, just before the comments:

Hodgson Mill also labels their WW flour as "Graham". There is a recipe there:

As maybe you can see by some of the recipes(linked and elsewhere), if you want a higher rising, fluffy bread, you may need to use a good portion of bread flour, or add vwg.

There is at least one recipe here at fresh loaf that calls for Hodgson Mill graham flour. See the favorites list(or whatever, or search) for Memo's Brown Bread. Seemed to turn out well for many. Not so well for me. That was early in my breadbaking hobby, and apparently I was having difficulty adjusting for Memo's "cup" measurements.

In a web search, many just seem to be "wheat" bread recipes, and/or quick breads.

If you do find a decent recipe, please post back. I have a bag+ in the freezer I've been waiting to use(over a year). Bought in a close out sale. Just never got around to using it yet.

Good luck.

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Herre's another link for a recipe

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The recipe is posted here.  


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Made this last night and I love it! Made half with a loaf pan and half as a boule. Really love it as a boule. Nice and soft and great flavor. Coworker is telling me right now she could probably each the whole boule by herself. Thanks for the recipe!

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4 1/2 - 5 c graham flour

2 c scalded milk

1/4 c sugar

1 tsp salt

1 pkt. active dry yeast in dissolved in 1/4 cup luke warm water w/ 1/4 tsp. sugar

1 - 2 tbsp honey

scald milk in double boiler over water until head forms on milk around outside of pan

add salt and sugar stir til dissolved and remove from heat - cool to 110'

mix yeast mixture, cooled milk mixture, honey and flour (add flour gradually) til it begins to pull off side of bowl and form ball

cover, rise til double

beat again w/ wooden spoon or in mixer w/ dough hook

turn into greased loaf pans

i grease top of loaves lightly w/ crisco and sprinkle cracked wheat or sesame seeds - but original recipe from fannie farmer does not call for that. 

rise again til nearly double

bake 350 ' til brown and pulling away from sides of pan

remove immediatley onto cooling racks and cool in open air

you can experiment w/ the recipe if it's not fluffy enough by swapping out some of the flour for plain white flour.  good luck!


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I recently visited Fort Worth, TX and found that HEB brand whole wheat flour is actually graham flour. I  found a proportion recipe on line to make your own graham flour, you can vary the proportions, add wheat germ and wheat bran to flour, more bran than germ.

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My grandfather always made bread from Graham flour it was so good I would come home from school and he would be pulling it right from the oven and it with butter was so good I have his recipe somewhere I will post it when I find it.

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please post your Grandfather's recipe for Graham Flour Bread !! I have the flour and everything else I need and I'm ready to give it a try.


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I never knew that Graham flour and regular whole wheat flour was different to any significant degree.  What's the difference, if there is one?

I'd look for some good whole wheat bread formulas and try those with graham flour (named after a Dr. Graham, if I remember that Good Eats episode correctly, original inventor of the graham cracker).

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Graham flour is sweeter then whole wheat

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Graham flour is more coarsely ground/milled than wholemeal flour.

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at the local Chandler AZ Chinese grocery store - Lee Lee's - in the Indian ethnic aisle or at any of the Indian markets.  It is very yellow like semolina, says Durham on the ingredients label and is nothing like WW flour.