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Hard crust on my sourdough

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Hard crust on my sourdough

Hi there, this is the first time vie ever posted on this site, but im hoping you guys can help me. Ive been growing my sourdough starter for about 5 weeks now using the bourke street bakery method ( in their book ) and so far I have had success, except for one small problem. When I bake my sourdough, it has a REALLY hard crust on the outside, and I don't like it. The dough inside is perfect and dense and has a really nice flavor, but the crust on the outside is much too hard. Its not burnt it's just really hard. How can I prevent this hard crust? Is there something I can do differently to prevent this? Thanks for you help.

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Mo (may I call you Mo for short?)--

A diagnosis requires more data.  Tell us the ingredients you used and the step-by-step process. Then I bet some of the folks here can give you some help.  I had a hard crust problem yesterday and will be posting the same question in my blog shortly.

Welcome aboard.


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Try wrapping the bread, tightly, in a clean tea towel or two as soon as you take it out of the oven.

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In her book, Nancy Silverton specifically mentions to not store bread in a plastic bags because it will cause the crust to get soft. So if you end up with bread with crust that's too hard again, try storing it in a plastic bag for a while.

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I don't like a hard crust either. I bake my sourdough in regular bread pans. It works perfectly. The slices are uniform, too.