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Fresh bread that tastes stale?

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Fresh bread that tastes stale?

I made a cinnamon swirl bread on Sunday.  It was pretty good, but something tasted off about it.  My husband said it tasted like it was stale, despite being freshly baked.  The only thing I can think of is that my yeast was expired, but I tested it before using and it was still "good".  I know my other ingredients had not gone bad because they never last long enough around here to do so.  I rarely (less than once a year) bake non-quick breads, so I suppose I could have done something to it accidentally.


What could have caused this?

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I think this has to do with undermixed or under proofed . Not sure but ive had this happen before and it was usually from an undermixed batch of dough.

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I once made some bread using some vegetable oil that had just gone off - always smell it first!  The bread tasted stale and awful; it was pitched.  I had no idea that a couple tablespoons of safflower or corn oil, stale, could have such an off effect on the baked bread.

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One of the previous comments made me think that perhaps there was a bit of old oil or butter coating the inside of your loaf pan. Wouldn't take much. Mike in Maine