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Useful book for those interested in starting up a bakery

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Useful book for those interested in starting up a bakery

There is a new book out published by the "real bread campaign" people called Knead to Know

It  can be downloaded in PDF from


Looks really interesting for anyone thinking about starting up their own bakery on a small scale. proffessional advice as well as some recipes.


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Home-based baking is one of America’s best-kept business secrets. This sleeper industry offers even novice bakers the opportunity to bake from home for profit using tried and true recipes and equipment already on hand. How to Start a Home-Based Bakery Business is the first book to cover every essential aspect of planning, starting, and running such a business successfully. Now available in bookstores nationwide and online.

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Just to advise; this is a great book, full of radical and sound advice for wannabe local bakers.

Please be aware that it is very much UK-based, and is published through Sustain by the Real Bread Campaign.

So, it's great for us over the East side of the Atlantic, but some of the more specific detail may well not be quite so useful over in the US.

For all that, it's the basis for the businesses of a number of clients I am working with to get local bakeries off the ground.