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Against the Grain in Wisconsin

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Against the Grain in Wisconsin

Hi everyone, 

I have just recently found your site, but I have been baking for years. I went to Culinary School for hot food, but had my first taste of really good bread there. I was hooked and baked on my own for a while and eventually worked in an artisan sourdough bakery. 

I make almost exclusively sourdoughs now and just recently I have experimented with a lot of different grains like Millet, Spelt, and Barley. It is a whole different experience for me and has really rekindled my interest again. I'm baking a few times a week  and have branched out again from my 3 or 4 "tried and true" breads.

I hope to meet some people that have some experience with various grains and can certainly help out anyone that has any questions about starting cultures or sourdough baking. Looks like a fun and informative site and everyone seems to be really enthusiastic! Glad to have found such a good resource!!

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Great site to learn,get ideas and help others with anything bread.

So where in Wisconsin are you? I'm in Menomonee Falls-just adjacent to Milwaukee.There are several other contributors from Wis.,also.

I started a few years ago wanting to learn how my Grandmother may have made bread without commercial yeast. My sourdough experience in the distant past was strictly pancakes-everything else was a doorstop! I'm happy to report that a few years of practice and expert advice here has helped a lot. I can make some great whole grain bread and sourdough. My grain of choice is hard,red spring wheat that I grind myself.I've worked with kamut and white whole wheat but not a lot of spelt-just because of lack of local availablility. 

Have delicious fun!

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Welcome to the site porterhouse1. I look forward to seeing your work. Are you baking for home use or professionally?


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Thanks for the warm welcomes!

@clazar123- I am near Spring Green, WI. It is roughly an hour  West of Madison. Do you still make sourdough pancakes? I love those...


ehanner-  I only bake at  home now, I have much more fun with it that way. I also seem to prefer to give my loaves away, so I'd be  a terrible business man. ha

Here is  yesterday's bake. My country loaf, simple and always comes out nice. It is a sourdough built in 3 stages. 80% white and 20% coarse ground WW. 

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Do you make any soughdough rye breads?