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Kypriaki Tahinopita (Cyprus Tahini Pie)

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Kypriaki Tahinopita (Cyprus Tahini Pie)


I wanted to try this recipe here

but I get lost around when he says

~ Take the two ends and swirl them so that a rope-shape is formed about 117 cm long.

I'm not sure how I would do it, one hand pushing forward, one backwards on the surface? But then what about here?

~ Roll the two ends of the rope in the opposite directions to form two snail shells.

I really lose steps from here on, can anyone help?

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wait, I think I got it now, I'd make a sort of really curly S then flip one side over the other and push down... did I get this right?

Sorry for the odd questions, I'm not familiar with much terminology yet.

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You are correct, it does seem complicated but I think you should end up with the shape of an "S" where both ends are rolled up into itself. Sort of like a Palmier.

The web site has several interesting Greek suggestions. Good luck and be sure to post your results.


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The recipe looks yummy- is it necessary to use the mastic called for in the recipe? I have mahleb but no mastic and have never tasted it.