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Hi from Tasmania Australia

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Hi from Tasmania Australia

I bet there are plenty of Tasmanians here as it is a Foodies paradise in Tasmania, I am in Launceston and have been using a machine for about a year for all our bread but since discovering here how to make ciabatta (Jason's Croccodillo recipe) I am delving more into artisan bread-finding the machine stuff too blahhh. Have read Bread Alone, 200 Quick and Easy Artisan Bread recipes and Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day.. still working my head around that one- I tend to weigh ingredients not measure them by volume and the US tablespoon is smaller than ours...I wonder about our wholemeal flour and yeast vs US versions too...

ah well... I must get my little munchkins to bed and then see if I can rustle up some meringues from left over egg whites....hmmm

Hello to you all, keep baking amazing things and inspiring!

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Welcome to this great Forum, only joined recently and I'm sure you will enjoy all the information. I am also Australian.


I only started marking bread in my bread machine last year and as yet to try other methods.  There is nothing better in the world than to have fresh baked bread and you know what is in the dough.


Happy Baking.





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Aussie Pete

Hi Jessie,

Welcome aboard. I'm in Cessnock NSW gateway to the Hunter Valley Wines. Like you I started with a bread machine and volume rather weighing. Thanks to this site I now know better.......the old bread machine is now only used for kneading  and I do the rest.

You will find this a wonderful site for the sharing of ideas, questions and recipes. It is just so friendly from most parts of the world.

Up till now I have always used Laucke "Wallaby" Bakers Flour. However there was a special on another bakers flour 2 weeks ago and it was to good to refuse so I am trying it for a change. So far so good.

Please shere some of your recipes.......................Pete.