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Soft/moist whole wheat bread

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Soft/moist whole wheat bread

This is a recipe for a 2:1 white/WW flour bread I've been making for many years.  "Recipe Girl" requested a copy in 2005, made a batch, took some pictures and you can see both at:

A note about yeast:  I make quite a bit of bread and found Fleischman's Yeast from Sam's Club cost about $4 for two one pound foil packs.  Same yeast at a local market costs $6 for a 4 oz "Little brown bottle".  So cost per ounce is $0.125/oz and at our local market - a whopping $1.50/oz.  We don't belong to either BJ's or Costco so can't give a comparison.  The unopened foil pack will keep in the freezer for a very long time (1 year) and I store the opened 1 lb pack in twist top clean jelly jars in the fridge.  Still too much - give half away, make some friends, and still be way ahead of the cost squeeze game. 

You can halve the recipe with good results or make rolls with the extra dough.

To answer the unasked question, I have no connection other than a shopper with any product or place mentioned above. Hope you enjoy the bread.