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Finally...took the plunge !!

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Finally...took the plunge !!

Hi, been a backbencher all along watching all of you make some truly wonderful breads and then... took the plunge.

Baked my FIRST WW bread today..all by hand !!

I think I got a wee bit lost with the measurements !! Confused the addition of water..did I add 2 cups or was it 3..?? !! then forgot if had added the salt... you get the picture ! The excitement of it all !!

Well needless to say the buns came out perfectly but the loaf was a ..err...ummm..disater !!

Do check the pictures and tell me where I went wrong !

Thanks all... this is definitely the beginning of a brand new passion !!

Thanks again all,


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The buns

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The rolls look nice and I hope you enjoyed eating them!

No comments or advice other than I hope you enjoy baking and can do it again very soon!


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I'm so glad you decided to take the plunge and bake some WW bread at home. You didn't mention what you used as a recipe so it's hard to comment on the outcome except that it looks like you did get some rise and it looks like the dough did spread some. Regardless of how it looks, I'm sure it was good.

I suggest you use the "mise en place" method of laying everything out ahead of mixing, so you avoid the inevitable question of did I or didn't I add the (salt etc). Been there done that :>)

I look forward to seeing your next batch.


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Well done Backbencher, not only for making your first loaf but for posting about it as well. Being able to bake your own bread is a skill not everyone bothers to acquire in their lifetime, but for those who do the rewards are immensely satisfying. Try to bake as often as you can, as repetition is one of the best learning tools you have and a quick way to build confidence through familiarity with the process. Take some notes while you're baking regarding times and temperatures as well as general observations, so that when you post again, someone on the forum can answer any questions you might have, or offer some helpful advice.

Congratulations for taking the plunge!


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 I was also going to say, have every thing ready measured , so you can't make a mistake...

 at least what you made was edible,, ;-))))

some thing similar to this,, though this is for pastry, but you get the idea.....



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Thanks all !!

Got the oven temp tested... its an old hand me down... it refuses to come down from 300 degrees centigrade !!

Post fixing it will get back to baking WW Bread.

@qahtan...YOU my friend are an inspiration !!

@ehanner... your Mark Sinclair multigrain is what I aspire to bake one day !!

@Thanks Franko... yup I should be making notes and will do that henceforth. It IS a learning curve .

Thanks Stuart...

Will be posting asap !