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New Zealand Bacon and Egg Rolls

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New Zealand Bacon and Egg Rolls

My girlfriend's recently returned from a holiday in New Zealand and is raving about the bread rolls she ate from a bakery in Fairlie (S. island). She discribes them as big white buns with the bacon and slightly scrambled egg baked inside the bun. Have any of our NZ members tasted them? Any idea how to get the egg in? Thanks Liz

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Gidday Liz,

I haven't eaten these rolls but have a couple of ideas to share. I make rolls with potato inside them, that I used to love in Japan, I wrap baguette dough round the pre-boiled potato before final proof, and cut a small cross on top of the rolls with scissors just before baking. I felt pretty sure if I looked on my favourite Japanese cooking website that I'd find something along the lines you describe. Sure enough. Here's a couple of links for you to look at the pictures (google translate doesn't do too well with them, but if you want a translation or have a question, I'm happy to help):

In the first the egg is hard boiled, chopped and mixed with mayo, dry mustard, parsley then table roll dough is wrapped around this mix, prior to final proofing, you'll note the scissor cut, baked at 180°C for 15 minutes :

In the second the dough is used to line a paper case and the liquid egg is mixed with mayo, salt & pepper and poured into the dough lining, proofed, then baked at 200°C for 15 minutes:

So, a couple of directions for experimentation! I think I'd cook the bacon, line muffin tins with your favourite roll dough, add the liquid egg with the cooked bacon and pinch the dough shut, then proof and bake in the muffin tin..... let us know how you get on if you do give it a go.

I'll give the bakery a phonecall if you like, to see if they'll share their method.

I grew up down south and love the area through the middle of the South Island, I'm sure your friend had a great trip.

Meantime our thoughts are very much with those in flooded Queensland, how devastating.


Edited to add some more links (Cookpad is addictive just like TFL!)

Here's a different way of adding the egg salad filling:

another shape, also egg salad filling (corn mayo and tuna mayo versions also shown) [note how many other contributors have sent in photos of their version of this popular recipe]:

a further method for shaping, again egg salad:

this one looks good

and finally one with scambled egg (it's scrambled before being wrapped in the dough), but let down by the use of spam too

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Thanks Robyn for your research. I've never thought of doing rolls like the ones in the links you posted, although I have made steamed buns. I showed them to my friend and she say's they were different-- the bacon and egg were mixed in the dough.  I'll just have to experiment! something I do a fair bit of.

The Queensland floods are terrible, the amount of water is absolutely mindblowing. We thankfully are well away from any floods.