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A few days ago while at my favorite kitchen store Mirador, in Portland,  i saw this adorable little scale by escali.  About 3 inches in diameter and can weigh up to 11 lbs. Fits in a tiny space.  Now that I write this I do not remember if it had a tare function. Only $22.00. I just love bargains and I think everyone else does too. I checked the web site and it's not listed yet. Must be very new. 


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If you mean the Escali Pico (4" x 4"), it's all over the Web.  Try Google.

Looks cute.

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I had the same thought.  Sounds like the Pico.  Nice little scale; and a very good price.

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Kitchen Barbarian

I have the Escali Primo and it is very inaccurate.  Sadly I didn't think to check it for accuracy until it was far to late to return it.  Unfortunately it's not inaccurate in any predictable way, other than that it weighs heavy. EG it says things weigh more than they do.

Try a Polder instead.  It's worth the $10 extra.

This Polder


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I have a little Escali scale that I got about a year back for under $25.  I checked the accuracy when I got it, and it was within 1%. It has a tare feature, and does grams and pounds. The precision hasn't drifted at all in the year I've been using it.