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pizza dough recipe in grams

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pizza dough recipe in grams

hi to every1 i am travis

i need a recipe for pizza dough in grams which is thick as wel as it should be crispy pls help me out......

i make pizza dough but its very loose pls giv me some tips...thank u

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Here's a good place to start.  It's about 70% hydration but it handles well.

Simply convert the ounces to grams using Google search:


Search for:

18 ounces to grams


18 ounces = 510.29146 grams


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Go to this webpage, it does it all.



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Fantastico ....

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That site is the end all/be all for personal pizza making.

The calculators are great for bread doughs too. So intuitive. Been using their calculators ever since I got into this dough hobby. Starting out there, with just the basic pizza formulas made the jump into breads so much less daunting and confusing.

Convert and save all my bread/pizza formulas with their calculators. You can also save the calculators to your computer and use them even when you're off line(Flash based).

They also have many hundreds of pizza dough recipes, though finding them all is similar to finding recipes here at TFL; just searching through the discussions.

Great moderator there too. Like having your own personal genius pizza consultant, for free.

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Gives a nice overview of technique and ingredients for dough and sauce.



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Gives a nice overview of technique and ingredients for dough and sauce.




that could be the most poorly-written website I've ever seen.  Lots of great information, but completely unreadable...