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Hello Everyone! Just thought i'd say hi afore I post, ayuh.

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Hello Everyone! Just thought i'd say hi afore I post, ayuh.

I am in a new love with baking bread! Our romance has been fun so far!

I can tell you when its good, its GOOD and OH we are so happy and blissful together.

But when its bad....sniff; I don't want to talk about it....

We have tried many new things together; been many places...wheat, white, sourdough a little rye thrown in, hic.

But our journey, so far, together has been one of mutual understanding, respect and ultimately love!


Greetings to all here who enjoy a slow rise!

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Welcome Thom -

I've been baking for about a year or so, still loving it. We had some rough patches in the beginning, but we've been seeing eye to eye for a while. As for the future - who knows. All relationships are tough!

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Welcome, thom_jenkins. I've been baking bread for about 3 years, so I'm still learning what I'm doing. Your intro reads like the lead-in to a racy novel that many here will be hoping to read more of. If you have some abysmal failures, post the pictures to remind us all that we all had a first day and that we all make mistakes from time to time, and that we can truly "rise" above them. I've posted some of mine, and all have a good laugh.

Again, welcome to our slice of cyberspace.

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Matt H

Hi Thom,

You look awfully young. Better get permission before you turn on the oven. :)


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Thanks everyone!


Not lets get crackin!!!!

...or in this case cracklin!