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High fiber bread added with guava powder

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High fiber bread added with guava powder

Hi....I am new in the bread making. I given a simple recipe from my friend for simple white bread. based on the recipe, i substitute 15% of high protein flour with high fiber guava powder, in order to make high fiber bread.

Below is the percentage of each ingredients base on 100% flour. yeast 2.4% salt 1.75% sugar 6% skim milk powder 5% Margarine 4% Format improver 1.5% water 64% also, to improve the dough fermentation, i add 0.5% of emulsifier SSL when mixing all the dry ingredients in the Kenwood Chef Major.

At first, I homogenize dry ingredients with low speed ('min' or '1'), then i added water slowly and mix at low speed for 1 min and medium speed ('4') for 5 min. after that i added in margarine, mixing 1 min at low speed. Last, i turn to medium speed for dough development stage for around 20 min (dough became smooth and show 'window' after I stretch it).

Then, i round it to ball and let it rise for 30 min. The dough did rise very well and very light. Then I knead the dough and let it rest for 10 min before I shaped it to loaf pan. After roll and shape to pan, I put the dough into the proover without cloth. After 30 min, I pressed the dough with finger to test its fermentation. the indentation is remained, but, the dough seem lose 'gas' and become a bit flatter than before i pressed it. I bake the dough in oven with lower heat 195, upper heat 185 degree Celsius for 30 min.

The bread crust is brown gold color when i move it out from oven. I sliced it after it cool down, which make me disappointing when looked at the crumb texture.....



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Or are you asking a question about how to improve it?

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thanks silkenpaw...

ya...actually i haven't finish my text....i was trying to upload the bread photo, but not success...i just finish talking to my friend that learned making bread before, i used to knead again the dough prior to shape and roll the loaf. But it was WRONG!! now only I realize....

let me continue the bread problems. the crust wrinkled and quite dry, but crumb inside still not enough dry!! or could I lower the temperature to 180 and 170 degree celcius?

the proover setting is 85% RH and 35 degree there any other method can be use to make sure the dough proofing is perfect before put it into baking oven?

I really need some guidance about overkneading and over-rising to avoid these to happen again in next try....

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Matt H

Probably needs to rise longer. Only 1 hour total is not very long.

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i tried proof for 1 hour last time, but when i press, the dough like lost gas and flatten...after baked, it even not rise anymore....i will try use 45min on tomorrow and not press on dough again.....


thanks for any suggestion.....^.^