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Does anyone have the river cottage bread book?

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T Cake

Does anyone have the river cottage bread book?

and if so, could you let me know if it has a panettone recipe in it please? I want to buy some panettone cases for someone that has the book, but wasn't sure what size to get as I don't have a copy of that one myself. The was planning on getting the cases from bakery bits who have them in 170mm, 110mm, 134mm, 154mm. I'm guessing any size would be OK, but I thought it would be best to check.


T Cake

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Hi T Cake,

Had a quick look at the index of my copy of the River Cottage Bread book - no entry for panettone as far as I could see.

Here are a couple of panettone links that may help though...




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Hi T Cake,

Gary's link to Joanna at zebbakes is a great suggestion, plus the general recipes on Panettone here at TFL.

Actually, Panettone has been a really popular bread to post on this festive time.   The posts which have generated much of the most interesting discussion are from Daisy_A, and you can find them here: , and here:

The final products were fantastic.

Best wishes