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high fructose corn syrup in commercial sliced bread

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high fructose corn syrup in commercial sliced bread

Nearly every loaf of sliced bread I look at has HFCS in it

is this just a cheap alternative to other sweeteners?

Are there any other benefits to it?

in any case, I think this is terrible.  High Fructose Corn Syrup in general seems like bad news as it supports the monocrop, and thanks to Mansanto it's all genetically modified.  I'm pretty sure vital vityls doesn't use HFCS.  Any other recommendations for non GMO bread?

Of course I make my own when I can, but I can't really keep it for long (communal kitchen in a co-op)

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While perusing the wikipedia article on high fructose corn syrup, it seems that HFCS is preferred because of the high amount of corn subsidies in the US and tariffs on sugars from abroad make it cheaper. In addition, because it is already a liquid, it's easier to dissolve into drinks and doughs. Also, it apparently increases shelf life.

The health effects seem to be disputable, but I just think it's safer to stay away from the stuff. What's amazing is that foods with HFCS in it can still be labeled "all natural" (like 7-Up).

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Do you have a Whole Foods Market in your neck of the woods?  None of the breads at mine have HFCS.  Also, there are even organic loaves at Ralphs (the mainstream supermarket), but the selection and taste isn't as good.