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Los Angeles cooperative flour buying

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Los Angeles cooperative flour buying

Hi, Im Andrew

Im new to the forum and to baking, Ive been baking for about 7 months now and I would like to buy whole wheat flour in bulk. I read through some posts from last year recommending Goldberg and Solovy for 50lb KA bags, they are a great price at 18-20$ per bag. but the problem is that they have a 100$ minimum purchase. as an amatuer baker this is just about twice my budget. is anybody interested in making a joint purchase.





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If you don't mind driving, there's another Southern California place to buy bulk flour near San Diego in Lakeside, CA.  Lakeside Bakery Supply is located on a poultry farm and it's kind of bizarre to go there.  But there is no minimum and they have organic flour in high gluten, bread and whole wheat made by General Mills (Sperry).  Bought some in December.  The Organic High Gluten was $18.42; Organic Bread, $23.48 and Organic Whole Wheat $24.59. All 50-pound bags.

I had previously purchased bulk flour from Goldberg & Solvy but I wanted all organic flours this time and I think these prices are terrific.  I also bought more pan liners for full-sized sheet plan for $29.00 (for 1000 liners).  I really like the flours.  Been using them extensively for recipes from my new Tartine Bread book, which I love!!!

Call them to check if the flours you want are in stock. Phone in 800.748.5803.

Item numbers:  Sperry Org high gluten: 800208; Sperry Org Bread:800209; Sperry Whole Wheat: 800211.  They were running a special in Dec on Giusto's Organic Whole Wheat @ $17.25: 800204.

Good luck!

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this option sounds more exciting than downtown LA. many thanks