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dough ball to dough square

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dough ball to dough square

I have a ball of yeast dough that needs to be rolled into large square of even thickness. when i rolled the ball out i got a large circle.

it seems the final shape of the dough is determined by the starting shape of the dough. yes? Assuming I'm correct I reason that if the starting shape is box shaped then I will get a square in the end. how do i rework a ball into a low box shape of even thickness?

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Shape your dough ball into a stubby cylinder before using the rolling pin to flatten it.  It will be approximately rectangular in shape.  Just fiddle with the length and the direction of the rolling to arrive at a square.


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I agree with Paul's approach.  You could "square" off your initial dough ball  -  but it would be a rough square at best.  No matter how you coax the dough into shape, it will never produce square corners.  Those will have to be cut from the rounded corners that develop under the pressure of the rolling pin.  Rolling from the center toward the edges of a roughly squared off dough ball that has been initially flatted using your flat hand might make the job a little easier.

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Roll out the dough to about 6-7 inches, do a double envelope fold and then roll out to a square. You will get rounded edges, but a good square shape. Hope this helps.