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stinky starter

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stinky starter

I'm about to give up on sourdough. I have been trying for six months with different formulas and they all wind  up smelling like fingernail polish revmover.

they look horrible .. not pink, but almost. and the acetone smell is overpowering. help please .. if there is to be any.


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Too many cooks spoil the broth.  Sometime's there's good advice given about sourdough, and sometimes very bad advice.

The method that has worked for lots of TFL members is Debra Wink's:

Read it carefully (the instructions are towards the bottom), follow the instructions exactly and carefully, and be patient.

Good luck!

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Could you include some more details about your method? 

-what is your process?

-what materials do you use (rye? white flour? distilled water? pineapple juice? etc)

-what is your feeding schedule?

-how do you refresh the starter each time?(i.e. what ratio of starter to flour and water by weight do you use?)

-about how many days after you begin the starter does it develop the harsh acetone-like smell?


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I would def give debra wink's method a shot -worked for me! I've have mine in the fridge but feeding it on reg basis.

Good luck!

p.s. don'tgive up! So worth it!