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quick trick; introduction

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quick trick; introduction

Hello to all. I have been reading and combing through this website for about 2 weeks now and LOVING it so I decided to join.  I also have been feeling a bit like a peeping tom/stalker reading the threads and blogs and using the tips without giving feedback. lol.  Anyways, my name is Tara and I live in Texas and was pleasantly surprised to find KAF in my local grocery store yesterday.  I've got a starter sitting now for tomorrow and am really excited about using it.  A quick trick; (if you have an island) when transferring a freshly shaped baguette to the pan for the final rise position the seam to the top and gently roll off the edge of the island onto the pan so the seam is now on the bottom.  Hold the pan at a bit of an angle so when the dough is transferred it doesn't "plop" onto the pan and ruin what you have built up. I stumbled upon this trick about 3 weeks ago when my 2 year old took the empty wrapping paper tube and pushed it onto the island and as my dough was falling to the floor (in slow motion for me) I watched in horror and amazement at how evenly it fell.  I have had no problems transferring ever since. :)

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I just use a couche and a flipping board.  I just bought some 1/4" hobby board and cut it to length.


More info can be found at the link below.

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It never fails to amaze me how creative Fresh Loafers are.  You can find many, many ways of solving most problems if you spend the time to search and read for it here. I think I would prefer the research method myself, compared to having a loaf relocated like yours was!  You drew something good from it though, and have a great story to tell too.

Welcome to The Fresh Loaf!  Show us some pictures of those baguettes when you can.

Happy New Year