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I have 31 baking trays used from my subway. To be honest ,I'm not sure what they are made from (aluminum or stainless steel)Were used for about 3 years. They can easily be cleaned up. They are 18 in long 13 in wide 1 in depth. Was moving to a new subway, so
selling everything, and these are the only thing's left.$10.00 Each+Shipping $10.00 (depends on area)Or if local ,yes FREE pick-up.I am located in northern ca,san francisco bay area.

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I'm sure you would generate more interest if you provided the following information:


1. where are you located? could in-person pickup be arranged for local customers?

2. what price do you ask for each pan? please include shipping information

3. what material are the pans made of?

4. approximately how many years have they been in use?


also, for the benefit of any potentially interested parties, please condense your announcement into one post that contains all the information as well as photographs. all capitals are not necessary. Thank you.

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Sam's Club has aluminum half-sheet pans (same size as mixx is offering) for prices that range from $5 each (in 24-packs) to $8 each (12-packs) to $27 each (singles).  If I were close enough to pick them up, I'd glom onto a couple of these even though I have two already.


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same sized aluminum sheet pans from for 13.13 each.

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There's a huge difference between stainless steel and aluminum pans.  Might be a good idea to find out specifically what you have so if anyone does happen to be interested they're not buying a pig in a poke.

Here's some of your competition:

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I've never seen stainless half sheets. But if they are aluminium and that's what they appear to be ,the ideal weight for most baking is between 1.6 lbs and 2 lbs , two pounders would be heavyweight . I hate price police but even in canada they go for less.$ 10 to $ 13 it's good to have all one brand and weight for repeatability. I keep 6 for home use.

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I might be interested, depending on where you are in the Bay Area.