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Greetings and which oven setting?

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Greetings and which oven setting?

Hi. I'm new here and I'm just getting started in breadmaking.

One question which I have is which oven setting do I use. I have an electric oven (Kleenmaid) with the following possibilities: top heat, bottom heat, both top and bottom, both top and bottom with the fan on, and fan forcing (neither top nor bottom heating elements but the fan itself blows hot air), as well as various grill settings.

Which do I use for general bread making?



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and welcome to The Fresh Loaf.  I have an oven with similar settings and I use the both top and bottom setting for almost all of my bread baking with good results.  You can also use the top and bottom with fan setting with good effect, too, but be aware that bake times will be need to be shorter and/or temperatures will need to be lower to avoid over-baking the bread.

The owner's manual for your oven may also give you recommendations.  If you don't have the paper copy on hand, check the manufacturer's web site to see if they have an on-line version of the manual.