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pullman bread

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bagel shoppe

pullman bread


This is my first post!! Great web site.

I have a problem with my pullman loaves. After I depan them, some of them shrink to and hourglass like shape. It doesn't happen to all of them. I have tried different methods of depaning, yet it still happens. Any suggestions? Thank you!!

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Hi bagel shoppe,

You may be underbaking your bread.

If not, then your fermentation is over rapid due to excessive amylase activity, leading to over-rapid breakdown in the dough structure, particularly in the baking cycle.

Hope this helps


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bagel shoppe

Thanks Andy. The bread is defiantly not under baked so i will try to slow fermentation down. Less active yeast and sugar? I will try again in the morning and repost. Thanks again.

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Hi Bagel shoppe

We used to make a loaf that was sold as diatetic it was described as reduced carbs and protein enriched, in esscence it was a white bread that had a high addition of gluten, it had a very light and airy interior, it was always prone to sucking in after it was depanned and assumed the shape you describe as hour glass.

Perhaps a very strong flour with high gluten content is giving you this outcome.

I know that there was quite a problem in producing a saleable loaf and quite often it was tossed out. I can't remember quite how we overcame the problem but i think we had to go right back to the start and change mixing times for the proper development of the high gluten content and a slower cooler bake. it was never that popular and didn't survive a rationalization  of the many types of bread that the company once prided themselves on producing. The company is no longer in business as it went down the path of more mechanisation and less BAKERS.   

regards YOZZA

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       This is both white and whole wheat Pullman,I just made and  baked as per normal. mabye your problem is your method...... qahtan


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Qahtan - those loaves look great! Do you have a recipe for the Whole Wheat version? I just got my Pullman pan and am looking for a recipe. It wuld save me the trouble of Trial-and-error to figure out the right amounts. I'm assuming you have a 13x4x4 inch pan, right?

Thanks in advance,


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I just made my first Pullman loaf too, and I used the recipe from the Jeffrey Hamelman book Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes (p. 243) and it worked fine.  I have had some breads kind of suck the sides in once in awhile and it's always been lighter white bread.  I assumed that the gas/air inside the loaf contracts as it cools and if the bread has a soft or delicate structure that it naturally shrinks inwards as a result.  I never worried about it.  The Hamelman Pullman loaf was made with pure King Arthur bread flour and while it has a fairly delicate crumb, it did not suck in as it cooled:



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