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Greetings from Ontario

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Greetings from Ontario

Hello from Ontario Canada.  I grew up baking (can't cook too well mind you) and I have been lurking on this forum all year.  Thank you for everything you have all taught me.  I sold bread this summer at our local farmer's market when my original idea of herbs didn't do very well after the potted plant season.  In our town people only want fancy mints for their alcoholic drinks.  I ended up selling at two local markets and coating my entire kitchen with flours.  I am currently doing occassional orders and working on making some killer rye bread while I wait for next spring.

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Welcome, Realdelish!

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congrats on de-lurking. Please share all your baking adventures with us!

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Welcome aboard one of the very best bread (and baking) forums anywhere on the net. It is truly great the amount of knowledge you can gain here and how helpful the readers/participants are. Along with lessons tips etc. this is one of my very favorite sites. BTW, I am originally from Nova Scotia so don't think you are the only Canadian here. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays from David at: