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Hello from Oregon :)

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Hello from Oregon :)

Hi all,


I just wanted to give my compliments on a wonderful site.  My mom was a Sourdough enthusiast and instilled in her kids a love for everything about artisan bread.  Though I find little time to practice baking with how busy I am now between school, 3 kids, etc etc.  My mom started a tradition of making a sourdough crust for pizza every Christmas, which we would then all decorate to our hearts content, it is one of our favorite memories of her.  This year will be the second time since she passed away that I will be following upon the tradition, so I was delighted to find your pizza primer which helped refresh my memory on technique.  Thank you for a wnoderful resource!!  I look forward to browsing through some of the forums while my break from classes holds out.


Happy baking!





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From one Oregonian to another, welcome to the site!  

I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas.


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I'm having a difficult time finding a sprouted flour sourdough starter recipe?  Most recipes call for wholegrain flour. 

Does anyone have a good sprouted starter recipe?  Can starter be made with sprouted flour? 

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Hi Allison & floyd.....West Linn Here....;-)  Curlygirl2U