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Gobs of steam

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Gobs of steam

I have been fighting the steam battle and buying new heating eliments ever since I started baking bread.  I'm betting someone thought of this before me, but I feel like Alexander Graham Bell right now.  I was nosing around in my (couldn't live without it but never used it) cupboard and had one of those ah ha moments.  Sitting there on the shelf was a "Handheld Electric Portable Steamer" the kind they con you into buying so that you will have the most sanitary bathroom in town.  I filled it up, plugged it in on the counter next to the stove and preheated my oven.  Popped in the bread and hit it with the steam, lots and lots of steam, only had to open the oven door the slightest bit as the end of the nozzle is small.  I am soooooo happy.


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Wow!  That sounds like a great way to inject steam!  I'll have to look for one of those...



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SteveB, of Breadcetera has a posting on "how to produce steam".  He uses an inverted buffet metal pan, pokes a hole in it and injects steam (using the handheld steamer) for appx 15 seconds after loading his shaped doughs in the oven.

Other than using a dutch oven that gave me the best rise, I too was struggling with my other steaming techniques (from lava rocks, to wet towel, extra mist, etc...).  After reading his post, I went out and bought myself one of those Bissel steamers.  Rather than paying for a metal/stainless steel pan, I simply used my big aluminium foil roasting pan as the inverted cover, poked a hole and voila!

I used this technique to bake my baguettes and the oven spring I got from this method was just amazing!

Good luck with you rbaking and happy holidays.