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Baking Adventures

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Mateo Feo

Baking Adventures


Hi everyone! (I'm new to the site and bake like a mad-man)

i love the site and wanted to share some of my baking adventures.  

This is my daughter when she was 3-days old and fresh out of the oven. She is still called Sophie Loaf to this day.  



Sophie Loaf


 challah was wonderful too! 


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Warm and cozy, how precious!  Congratulations!


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Mateo Feo

...the loaves aren't that fresh--by the way; Sophie Loaf is in First Grade now. (And yes i have got her at 1 & 2 posed with loaves as well) :-)


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Congrats and welcome to the site!

 Great looking loaves, particularly the one in the middle.

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What a cutie!

And your challot look great, too.