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Batching Question

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Batching Question

I am making a double batch of Browndog's Apple-Walnut Loaf which will make 4 loaves.  I'd prefer to cook them 2 at a time.  The dough is all mixed at this point and is currently doubling in bulk.  Is it too late at this point to break it up into 2 batches?  If not, should I put the dough in the refrigerator after it is split, ie 2 loaves panned and ready for oven and 2 in bowl for refrigerator?  It seems like putting it in the refrigerator at this point wouldn;t really slow down the bulking process.

I've never had 4 loaves in the oven at the same time and not sure how they will cook in the oven when it is stuffed.

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Mini Oven

It's been an hour since your post.  Separate the two batches as soon as you can.  Shape 2 loaves, put dough into the refrigerator to slow it down. Try putting a bag of ice cold water on the dough.  The first two that get shaped go into the oven first.  As you put the first two into the oven, shape the other two loaves and let rise.   It should be enough.