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My first Loaves

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My first Loaves

Hi everyone,

Well I Baked my first round of Sourdough this morning.  I used the 1-2-3 method.  I am happy with the way the crumb and the crust turned out.  The bread has a slight tang but I would like a little more.  I did not score the bread deep enough but they still look nice.  

Round two tomorrow!

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Looks wonderful! Yummy. 

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We just had breakfast for dinner!  Fresh Sourdough bread, eggs out of the hen house, and breaded venison steaks fried in butter and olive oil. It's cold out so, we need all the calories we can get.  Well, that is how I justify it

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They look very good captain and have a very nice round shape to them. if you can justify the food intake because of the weather then i will have to starve with a forecast of 38 degrees C on christmas day kind regards Yozza 

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I recently baked a couple loaves of sourdough whole wheat, from a recipe in Dan Leader's Bread Alone book.

I am attaching pictures of it and also of some sourdough white that I baked a couple weeks ago.

I am hoping for some criticism on how I can improve my results, in particular the rise of the sourdough white, as well the crumb of the wholewheat.

whole wheat with whitei and black sesame seeds

These are fairly heavy loaves. I had hoped they would be lighter, less dense. I supppose I should have let them rise longer.

sourdugh round

This loaf tastes great, has good crumb, but just didn't rise much, not much height. I don't know if am not tightening it enough before proofing/final rise or something else. Suggestions on getting these loaves UP a bit higher?