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Need advice for a new mixer

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Need advice for a new mixer


I am new here. I just started making bread about a year ago. Now my KitchenAid died. (I was able to get it fixed for just a $10 part). But, in my research, I have realized that it is probably not a good idea to make 4 loaves of bread 3 times a week in the machine I have. I have a family of 6 and we eat a LOT of bread (and my kids are only 5 and under---so I can only imagine how much they will eat as they get bigger). We use freshly ground whole wheat and my mixer just does not cut it for mixing heavy dough. 

I have looked at the Bosch universal, but it just doesn't seem like it would be able to handle the abuse I would give it. I thought I wanted a Hobart... but, I don't think I can pay that much. I have been looking for reviews on all of the other industrial mixers. I can't seem to find that much about Globe mixers, Blakeslee mixers or any other. 


My needs:

10qt plus size bowl (ability to mix 4+ loaves at once)

power to make at least 4 loaves of whole wheat bread

ability to do multiple things (i.e. whip egg whites and do cookies)

price range under $1000 

something that will really last 20-30 years


I am willing to go used or pay a little more if I know it is a good mixer. 


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I think the Bosch Universal is the new (perhaps newest?) version of my old Bosch (just plain "Bosch", it is so old) mixer that is at least 25 years old, and I could not recommend mine more highly.  We made 4 loaves of whole wheat bread every time we baked for years as our two kids grew up.  I still use it today, and often make four-loaf batches.  It is well respected by many members here on The Fresh Loaf, albeit with some seemingly justified complaints about a steep learning curve in using it. I have seen it proposed by other Loafers as the mixer to use for large, but smaller than commercial, size batches of dough.

We also use the Bosh for cookies, and it whips egg whites so fast you must pay attention or they will self destruct.  I use it to make large batches of waffle batter from fresh-ground wheat too.  We cook them up and freeze by twos and threes for fast breakfasts.

Our Bosch does not get used more than about once a week these days, but if the Universal is as well built as this old Bosch, I think it can handle it.

Good Luck in your search.

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I like the Bosch, but I think if I am going to spend the money, I want something with a little greater capacity-- My friend has an old Blakeslee (30+years) and I think I am sold on getting an industrial one... I don't know though... 


I am so confused...

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Is $800 too much to spend for a 10 qt Globe mixer (used ---1 year old)? 

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Have you thought of looking at a used one at a restaurant equipment supply place? I look on craigslist and see them all the time- lots of restaurants going out of business these days, sadly.

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I have an 8 qt globe that I bought about a year ago for $622 purchased through ebay.  It seems pretty good.  I can make four loaves of ciabatta at a time and suppose that it would handle more.  If that 10 qt Globe is in good shape with dough hook, paddle, whip and bowl for $800 it sounds good.  The serial number can be called in to Globe to verify age.  You might want to ask if the warranty will still be in force if you buy it second hand. 

Good luck,Al

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Thanks for the reply! We went ahead and got it. We paid $700 after all is said and done. I can't wait to use it!!! 

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Jeff Whatley

I have a new model of the same Qlobe mixer.  It is really a monstor and I love it.  Be ready to have two strong men to lift it because one person can't do it.


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Funny, the guy that sold it to me lifted it himself and carried it to my van. But, my husband and neighbor struggled to lift it together. 


I have made at least 100 loaves of bread in my mixer now... between whole wheat, banana bread and cinnamon bread..


I am in LOVE with my new mixer. It is awesome! I have never been so happy!!

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Use it in good health!

It's great that you got an attachment hub. 


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I bake bread and other baked goods to sell every week locally. I have been using the Bosch Universal Plus for three years now and do four-2 pound loaves of whole grain breads at once. It can hold up to fifteen pounds of dough at once also. I typically bake up to 65 loaves of yeast breads and numerous other loaves of quick breads, cakes, cookies etc. . EACH WEEK and all using my Bosch. It is belt driven and never overheats. I really love this machine. It is also currently on sale for $359.95 plus a free gift at

It also doesn't take up much room which is a plus.

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Our Kitchenaid died after only 3 or 4 yrs of use for Christmas cookies once a yr,and small pizza/bread dough batches once or twice a month.After researching here and other online forums we got a Bosch in Nov. I'm so glad we did!!! The only negative at all that I've found is that it won't mix a small batch of dough very well with the dough hook. I just make 2 loaves of bread or enough pizza dough for several pizza's(it improves vastly after a few days refrigeration anyway!!!) WE've made cookies,frosting,bread and pizza dough so far and it's blown the KA away in speed and function.Everything I've read leads me to believe that the old Hobart Kitchenaids were good quality and built the reputation,now Whirlpool is cashing in on it using lower quality components.

 We also have a Bosch dishwasher,washer/dryer,hammerdrill and battery drill and everything has been very rugged,reliable and over engineered compared to the competition.I see nothing to make me believe the mixer will be any different!!

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Where did you purchase the Globe mixer?  It sounds like something to drool over.....


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I happened upon mine on Ebay.  It looked new though the warranty period was over.

You could try Craig's list, too.  Patience while looking through ads is helpful.