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Awash in Bread? Bake Sweets!

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Awash in Bread? Bake Sweets!

Not a lot to report this weekend.  The highlight was the Saturday morning bread handoff from David.  We adopted a dozen or so wayward loaves from his SFBI adventure: a baguette, an Italian bread in baguette shape (Stirato?), an olive bread, a raisin walnut bread, a couronne, several airy decorative loaves, and--best of all--a miche.  Here's the haul, minus the five loaves already in the freezer.


We haven't tasted all of them.  We've been concentrating on  the miche--it was perfect for chicken sandwiches.  We did make wonderful french toast with part of the couronne--seemed a shame to "waste" such a gorgeous thing, but it was an embarassment of riches.

Anyway, I couldn't bring myself to bake bread this weekend, but I had to bake something.  So I tried Breadsong's wonderful lemon turnover recipe (, which had been high on my list since she posted it.  I am no pastry baker, but it came out pretty well.  Her instructions were good.  The dough was indeed very flaky and delicious.  I didn't know what filling to use, and I chose badly.  I used a lemon pie filling and it was too liquid, and leaked a lot.  It probably also kept the bottoms from getting as done as they should have been.

But I can't complain.  They are yummy.



Next week, I'll be on vacation and baking lots of old favorites and new experiments.



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I wouldn't mind licking some lemon off my fingers!  Lemon can be a bit tricky for a filling...very good looking pastries!  But you have way to much bread, stands in the way of making more ;)


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Mini Oven

:)   Quite an impressive haul!

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Those are making me hungry...and nostalgic.
Thanks for posting pictures - you did a nice job!
I'm happy you liked the pastry. I was so happy with it I had to post!
Wishing you every success with bread - and pastry!
from breadsong



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I will be on vacation for the last ten days of the year.  I'm taking several bread books, and plan to bake many breads.  If my freezer gets too full, we'll just eat strata for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a few weeks, or I'll make 20 pounds of croutons or both. It's not gonna stop me from baking.


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I made some with vodka pie crust mine were pear and apple, not a cooked filling either, I just mixed in arrowroot powder until it took up the juice from the apples and pears (I ran those along with the sugar and spices through the food processor so it was still chunky but less than dice) makes the sauce thick and shiny and you can handle the filling, if I ahd been thinking I would have used a pastry bag to fill the rounds with. They woudl have been much more even and my fingers wouldn't have been so sticky!