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White Mountain Rolls a la Jackson's Bakery, Rochester NY

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White Mountain Rolls a la Jackson's Bakery, Rochester NY

I'm looking for the recipe for White Mountain Rolls as they are made for Jackson's bakery in Rochester NY. So far, I'v only encountered recipes for crusty-style "Mountain" bread or some kind of fried dough. These are more like a Parker house roll, except they have a nice dusting of flour on top - almost like a savory powdered doughnut! I'd love to make them for my family for Christmas...


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Matt H

How fun to see my hometown in a thread on the fresh loaf. Never heard of these though.

I'd follow a recipe for dinner rolls, one that has some added fat, sugar, and dairy. You really can't go wrong with the recipes on King Arthur Flour's website. I notice that a lot of the recipes for soft white rolls include some potato.

Happy baking!


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Matt - where are you from? I went to St. Charles grammar school and Jackson's is right next door (in Greece) on Maiden Lane.

Thanks for the links - KAF is a solid resource for me too. I think the first one is closest to the Wht Mt Roll - as they call it a "snowflake" roll, with flour dusting.

Happy hoildays... we can talk fave Rochester pizza (Pontillos) and burgers (Schallers!) soon...


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Matt H

Grew up in the city of Rochester, Tenth Ward, which is a stone's throw from Lower Falls and the Driving Park Bridge.

LOVE Pontillo's, but I'm more of a "white hots from Vic n' Irv's" guy! :)

The baked goods that come to mind from my youth are the good deli rye and bagels from the Jewish bakeries in city neighborhoods that haven't been Jewish in decades, and semolina loaves from an Italian bakery in Irondequoit. I continue to be astounded by the quality of the bread put out by Wegman's. They turn out loaves that are as good as many west coast artisan bakeries.

My wife, a native Californian and a real foodie, is always interested in sampling the local specialties wherever she travels. So of course we had to have wings (even though they're really from Buffalo, and you can get them anywhere in the country these days!), and white hots. And we always have a meal at Dinosaur Barbecue (even though they started in Syracuse, the one in Rochester is the best).

I haven't been able to talk her into trying Country Sweet chicken or a Garbage Plate...


Matt (now in Richmond, CA)

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How funny... I lived part of my life on Clay Ave. and was a Pop Warner cheerleader for the Tenth Ward Tigers! What a trip... I also went to Nazareth Academy, class of '90.

My parents are still there and every year we get Country Sweet, Zwiegles red & white hots, and lots of stuff from Weggies (boy, do I wish they would come to MA). Their bakery is pretty impressive.

If you are ever in NYC in the West Village there's a bar called Daddy-O's, and the owner is from Roch... so they serve Genny Cream Ale and a gourmet version of the Garbage Plate! Maybe you should start your wife off with a homemade version... I don't know if I could even stomach the Nic Tahoe's one now... How about a beef on 'weck?

I participated in some test baking for a Jewish baking cookbook thru this site... The guys from NY Bakers are putting it out. Ended up making a lot of things I had always wanted to - like challah - and it was so fun.

What are you baking for the holidays?

Amy (now in Boston, MA)



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Donna M


I also went to St. Charles.  Did you have any luck finding a recipe that is close to Jackson's??  I'd love to try to make these.



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Amy, Wegmans is opening two stores in MA. Northborough in the fall and Westwood TBA. Lucky you.


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 Love Jackson's!  My visits are limited now days since moving from Rochester....

I tried the recipe at the link below, and they are close to the Jackson's rolls.  You can make a few tweaks to dust with flour prior to baking (ignore the egg wash) and cut them Jackson's size (~3.5" x 2.5").


- Heather