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difference between bread maker and regular oven

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difference between bread maker and regular oven

Hello everyone, i'm new to the forum and to bread making for that matter.


I was just curious what is the difference between baking in a bread maker or in your conventional oven. I tried to google the question and found a lot about bread makers but not so much about the difference in texture etc.



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Hi Dolcevita,

I learned to make bread along the last two years, most with TFL and mistakes over mistakes.... I through even few bread to the bin !... my oven didn't work propely and I always have problem with the rising of the dough then the oven spring. But as I concentrated to do pumpernickel with sourdough I slowly learn to do it properly... but still my oven was not good burning one side of it even when I was turning the bread around.

I finally gave up and try the bread machine I have, and for me the miracle happened. It work and the bread is very good, the texture is very good. I'm now making A Pain De Seigle and it's absolutely fantastic the crumb is just as good as my bread in France. I learn to put the exact amount of water to avoid accident of over rising which bring the dough to flow over the tin and can bring the machine to turn in flames... the difference is the top crust which is not decorative, and don't have the consistency of the bread baked in oven, the style don't is nil the form is always the same block...

I use rye berries that I ground myself and do my sourdough with it.

Hope this helping you. If I have a good oven I think I will use it if only to be able to form my bread in different form. The minus in the bread maker is that the bread is so high that it make difficult to cut it properly and make nice sandwich.


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please read: the style is nil...

and : If I had a hade a good oven....

and the top crust is not crispy as well as not decorative....

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recorrection  to my typing, I should use the preview even when my text is small...

of course it's if I had a good oven....

I'm sure that  there are more english mistakes... and I'm sorry for that, I'm using english only for the last 10 years and I find hard to absorb in my old mind all the gramatical rules....


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On any international forum there will be a lot of people whose native tongue is not English. My experience has been that the English as a second (or  third or ..) language members tend to take pride in using the language as well as they can. Consider the gawd-awful number of people who have spent 50 or 60 years speaking English as their first and only language who still don't know the difference between grammar and grandma.



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Bee18, please don't apologize about your English. I understood you perfectly and that's the most important part - communication.

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I find that my bread machine makes good dough, but I am never really happy with how it bakes it.  No matter what you do there will always be holes in the bottom of the loaf, unless of course you let it make the dough and you do the final shape and cook it in the oven.  I only use mine when I want fresh bread and don't want to babysit my baking.  I think the best bread maker I have seen is the Zojishuri but I really prefer the results of baking in the oven on a stone.  I find the crust is better, the color is better, and I enjoy the end product more.

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I only bake loaves in my oven (usually the Aga) as a bread machine is one gadget I can do without.  I enjoy the feel of the dough as it develops (although I do use a Kenwood mixer a little) and you don't get this sort of crust in a bread machine -