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Greetings from the Hoosier state

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Greetings from the Hoosier state

Hello to all, and a thank you to all for making this a great site.


I've been baking this that and the other for many years, but only recently became interested in sourdough and in my loaves' appearance. Looking forward to many great threads and many great breads. Got a starter on the countertop, hoping to bake some Christmas goodies. Best of the holidays to you all.

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hope you are bakign up a storm, I am, just stopped to let the turnover crust chill, then back to the oven.

So far I have made dark fruit cakes, light fruit cakes (differnt fruits and amounts of fruits) some orange fruit drops which I use a whole small mandarin orange in instead of zesting a regular orange and juicing it. A batch of my Grammy's sour cream cookies, with lemon juice and zest, and fun with cookie cutters since these hold their shape well. And then I was not baking for a bit, while laying flooring, then I baked some larger turnovers, with ham and veggie filling using a vodka pie crust, along with some pear and apple turnovers (they are all gone now too) then I started on the Xmas goodies again, with my turnover apatizers from Canadian Living magazine from years ago. Those I am having to change this year as my DD has developed a problem with mushrooms, so am making some with something else. I have the mushroom and bacon ones baked up as tiny tarts today, and the turnover crust that I made up will go for the cheese filling ones, and then I have two beef fillings to make, and do up in turnovers. And yesterday I made 2 doz each of mincemeat tarts, and currant tarts, so am well on the way. Have to make the orange fruit drops yet, and maybe some rum and raisin ones.