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Baking any and all bread from my own hand

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Baking any and all bread from my own hand

I too am brand new to baking bread, so any and all suggestions are greatly desired.  I just love bread and I have made the basic stuff but I just love the true sourdough bread made at a grocery store here.  It is not close to my home so it truly is a trip to get to the store just to buy the bread.  I just love the wonderful selections of breads it is like candy to me.  So, any and all help or maybe suggestions on places to start or books to buy to help.  I want to learn how to bake bread from beginning to end and all types of breads, not from a machine but by my own hand.



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You are on a delicious journey that will take persistence and patience. Success is part of the journey and not a destination because when you have mastered one aspect, you discover others that need to be mastered.

Get a notebook,choose one recipe and bake it many times. Enjoy,let the birds enjoy and take notes. Change one thing and try the same recipe again. Bake as often as you are able.And use the "Search" box on this site and others.

Unlearn everything you have known about making bread. That is what I had to do before I could learn the right way (of which there are hundreds). I'm still learning.

All the ingredients have different characterisitcs and act differently when mixed with other ingredients and also act differently when handled differently. Get to know the characteristics of the ingredients in the recipe you choose to start with. All flours are very different! And technique changes everything, sometimes.

Welcome and have fun!

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If you love baking bread just do it! After baking a few loaves your bread will taste much better than the one you can buy. Your sourdough will be maturing and your skills improving. I think that the books (especially these written by famous bakers) intimidate fresh home bakers.

There is one book I would recommend is :Amy`s Bread

by Amy Scherber and Toy Kim Dupree- I wish I had it few years ago when I started bread baking.

I have learnt the most from the people who publish their recipes here (there are so many great blogs and websites) and I use their experience. I don't buy any bread. I bake 2-3 times a week. I see the progress and I'm more confident in my baking. I also learn a lot from my mistakes. 

Just keep baking.