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Hi let me introduce myself!

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Hi let me introduce myself!

Hi, my name is Caro

I made indifferent bread from recipes for many years, until five years ago I took a year off work with chronic illness and started making bread almost every day, first as therapy, then out of fascination with being able to create something almost living, that was hand-made, creative, artistic and useful in my own small kitchen without any fancy equipment. After a while I didn't need recipes anymore, or even needed to measure much. I borrowed books from the library and read eveything I could about bread, moving on to master baker books. like 'Crust and Crumb" and even a manuel for building your own wood-fired oven.

Then, while on holiday in Scotland on the Isle of Iona, a local hotel needed a baker fast, mid-tourist season, and i stepped in, and worked there for a year, learning an enormous amount about baking on a larger scale and to a timetable.

I've been invoved in Bio-dynamic and Organic farming for many years and always use these ingredients, if I can. I'm not working in the food industry anymore but still bake all bread for home.

I live in Sydney, Australia, and would love to hear from anyone with the same interests or from Australia !


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Welcome, I have taken it upon myself to welcome new people when I catch their threads.

 Your year of working in scotland must have been interesting! From tourist to a year employment, life is full of surprises.

I reside in southern mexico, so I cannot help you there..

Regards from Tabasco 


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an Epping cooker also mad gardener as well - still learning how to make bread dough


take care