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What's a "sachet" of fast-action yeast

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Edith Pilaf

What's a "sachet" of fast-action yeast

i.e., what is the equivalent in teaspoons of instant dry yeast, and also what is caster sugar?  Can regular white table sugar be substituted?  This is from Dan Lepard's sourcream sandwich bread recipe that appeared in the Guardian recently.  Looks like a yummy white sandwich bread.



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Equal to a US packet or envelope of instant yeast that one would buy in a store, typically in strips of 3 envvelopes.

.25 ounce or 2 1/4 teaspoons of instant yeast.

Caster sugar is a very finely granulated white sugar. Probably the closest US equivalent is our "super fine" sugar, which usually will work as a substitute.

Yes, your regular granulated sugar will also work.

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Edith Pilaf

for you quick answer and also for the link to that nifty website.


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A sachet of yeast is about 7 grams or about 1 1/2  to 2 teaspoons or half a tablespoon. The weight in grams can be found on the Fleischman's website. It is more accurate to use weight rather than volume.

Caster sugar is powdered sugar or very finely ground sugar.


Hope this helps,


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This Day

Whir up some regular sugar in the blender to yield a finer grain.  I do that when I'm making Scottish shortbread.

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Caster sugar is NOT superfine sugar, although American cookbooks repeat this incorrectly and often.  Standard American sugar is finer than the standard white sugar sold in Britain, Australia, and even in Europe.  Consequently, caster sugar in those countries is ground to a finer grade especially for baking -- or more aptly, for the sugar caster of classic American diners lore, as it dissolves quickly in coffee. In Australia, for example, I buy and cook with caster sugar exclusively because it bakes better -- and it is equivalent to the same sugar I buy in US supermarkets.  Ditto in Europe.  Sadly, I have worked on US cookbook series where parochial editors insisted on mislabelling caster as superfine, and again I see it on this post.  So in essence: caster sugar is equivalent regular American sugar.  Caster sugar to Aussies and Europeans is a finer grade than what they normally buy in their supermarkets, but it is equivalent to US common sugar.