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Will a commercial steam pan work for general baking?

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Will a commercial steam pan work for general baking?


I'm a total newb trying to buy a stainless steel baking pan for my wife.  She needs a very specicfic size (10x12) that will fit in our convection oven, and I'm wondering if a commercial steam pan like the one in the link below will work OK for general baking.  It's 24 guage SS and is 10 x 12 x 2.5.  Will this work OK, or do you have any other suggestions?  Thanks!


Cheers! - nojiri

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type used in restaurants. Has really nothing to do with steaming inside the oven.

Do a steaming search here, there are oodles of recommendations. 

Nice to have you join TFL.



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Stainless does not conduct heat the same as other materials. So she might have to do some experimenting with times and temperatures to get it to work.

It's a similar problem as going back and forth from glass to metal pans.

Otherwise there's no reason not to use it for baking.

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24 gauge is very thin steel, I'd be more comfortable with something slightly more substantial, like 22g.  On the other hand if your wife plans to bake cake it could be just fine.

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Yes, suave, I'm a little concerned that 24 guage is a bit on the thin side, but yes, she does bake cakes and brownies so I went ahead and ordered it.  We'll see on Christmas day whether she likes the choice or not.

Thank you all for your input.

Merry Christmas!

- nojiri