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long lasting muffins/cakes? I'm going camping!!

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long lasting muffins/cakes? I'm going camping!!

Hi all,

I'm taking the family camping this summer (australia), and I have been mulling over the easiest way to get the kids out of bed in the morning and down to the beach with no mess or dishes.

I thought something like "here's a muffin and a banana and try not to drop it in the sand", would be the way to go, but I don't like my chances of anything I bake being edible 7 days later.

So here's the question.... what sort of muffin/cakey things can I bake that will store at room temp well enough to be good a week later. I know a heavy fruit cake would do it, but 7 of them would probably blow my budget too!




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Any possibility of making fresh things, every couple of days?  What about fruit flavored biscuits, pancakes, bannock they bake themselves?  Do you have a dutch oven?  

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Mini Oven

and a banana and send them on their way. 

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thanks for the suggestions, I'd do fresh if I could, but it's not a possibility with the facillities we will have at the campsite, so I really need something which I can prepare before.

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Maybe just keep the muffins and such iced down until needed.


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I was reading a bit of an old Italian-American Cookbook and it talked a little about each recipe. Pan fuerte translates (by me) to strong bread and was used by the soldiers (or so they say) on long marches. I think king arthur flour has a recipe on their website. If you want I can post the other recipe.

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You could try Anzac biscuits with oats and coconut? Traditionally associated with Australia and supposed to be relatively long lasting. Have to be packed in airtight containers. You may know but they are different from Army Anzac biscuits/tiles, which are hard tack. Apparently incredibly long lasting but potential teeth breakers! Need to be dunked in liquid.

This biscuit mix gets good reviews, although some bakers needed to add more liquid:

These are the tiles 


Best wishes, Daisy_A

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Thanks for the ideas!
Daisy, Anzac bikkies occurred to me late last night - I think it's the best bet sofar. Being a god Aussie I don't know why I didn't think of them before!

There are two kinds on anzac biscuits - one is quite hard and dry, but there are recipes for softer, chewier, delicious, moreish ones which also keep well. I think they just have more butter and golden syrup.

jrudnik - I just did a google one Pan fuerte and came up with nothing. It sounds though like the kind of thing soldiers put up with to stay alive, and I might have a mutiny on my hands if I try that!! For lunches I was thinking a 100% rye bread. It keeps for a good week anyway.

Deka - I did think of using the ice chest. I will have an esk or two, and I can get ice daily (it's not real camping is it!). I wondered how well it would work, seeing as refridgeration isn't good for breads, but if it keeps the fats and oil in the muffins from weeping it might be a good thing.

Maybe we can eat muffins for the first few days and chewy anzac bikkies for the rest.

Thanks everyone for getting involved in my little connundrum, any more suggestions greatly appreciated.



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and I just realised what I shold have called this thread...


"Let them eat cake!"

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Mini Oven

for a little protein?  Holds back the hunger longer.  Assorted nuts?  

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Graham crackers have a long shelf life. Sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar before baking and the kids will be happy. Mimi