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100% Whole Wheat Bread

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100% Whole Wheat Bread

The following picture is of 100% whole wheat bread that I made tonight!!  I have been wanting to make 100% Whole Wheat Bread for a long time, and just haven't found the right recipe.  This is a recipe adapted from King Arthur Flour.  I grind my own wheat, and used a combination of Soft Spring Wheat, Hard Red Winter Wheat, and Vital Wheat Gluten!  It turned out beautifully, althought a little bit soft for our liking.  If you are needing a transitional bread from white to whole wheat, this bread is for you!!


100% Soft Spring Whole Wheat Bread

Adapted from KA Flour's Classic 100% Whole Wheat Bread.  I 4x's their recipe so the following recipe will make about 6.5 lbs of dough.

4 C Warm Water

1/2 C Honey

1/2 C Vegetable Oil

2 1/2 T Yeast

1 T Salt

3/4 C Vital Wheat Gluten

7 C Soft Spring Wheat

3 C Hard Red Winter Wheat

I use a Universal Bosch Mixer so the following instructions are using a Bosch.

Add warm water, yeast, honey and oil to mixer bowl, and let sit till it starts to foam.  Add the rest of the ingredients to the mixer except the 3 cups of Winter Wheat.  Start mixing and add the remaining 3 cups as needed to make a nice dough.  If you need more than the 3 cups, then add more, but you are looking for a soft pliable dough.  Mix on 1st speed for about 5 min and turn out onto a lightly oiled surface.  Divide dough into loaf sizes, and shape.  Score top of loaves and put into oiled bread pans.  Let rise till nicely above pans and put into a 350 degree oven till browned and hollow sounding.  (20-30 minutes).

Hope this works out if you decide to try it, and let me know if you have any questions!!



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Hi, baking 411!

Nice loaves you got! why would you use soft wheat and then add gluten? Use only winter wheat and skip the Gluten.

You can develop you dough better if you make a preferment (i.e. fermenting upto 1/2 the dough 1 day before in the fridge). The bread will rise higher and taste better, and last longer.


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Because when i use 100% winter wheat, even with the gluten, It is dense and crumbly!  This one I made was a little soft for us, but I think i'm on the right path.  Sometimes I don't think enough ahead to do the preferment thing.  Like yesterday...I realized I needed bread for sandwiches and didn't have any.  So I made this!  Next time I'll try it without the extra gluten!!


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Trust me, Whole wheat should give u all the rise you need, no gluten needed. All you need to do is to incorporate a preferment, develop the dough by means of proper mixing, and allowing the final dough all the time it needs to ferment without rushing it with more yeast.

I only use gluten when a recipe calls for a high gluten flour.