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Great River Organic Milling?

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Great River Organic Milling?

Hi there,

Anyone have any good or bad baking experiences to share using flours from Great River Organic Milling in Wisconsin?  No shipping fees thru Amazon & they have an organic 100% Whole Wheat bread flour.  They used to be Little Bear Milling, which was one of the recommended sources for good flour in Laurel's Bread Book.

I have just ordered some, but says it's 2-5 WEEKS for shipping. 

I have been trying other flours, but so far most are not ground finely enough to make the high and light 100% WW loaves I loved back when Walnut Acres (PA) was still in the flour business.


Maryann in VA

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I've been ordering this flour through Amazon for a while now with no complaints.  It's a pretty fine grind and noticeably "harder" than most other WW flours I've tried.  The free shipping is usually about a week - 10 days for me (on the west coast).  Thanks to the free shipping it's far less expensive than any organic WW flour I can buy locally.  I particularly like using it in rye breads because of the higher gluten.