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All I want for Christmas... (or Hanukkah or insert holiday here)

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All I want for Christmas... (or Hanukkah or insert holiday here)

Hello Everyone,

What do you want for Christmas?

I've been asked this repeatedly by my family and I am looking for some ideas. I don't have a lot of "tools and gear" so I am curious about what things other people would wish for.

Now in the midst of the holidays - and with no better reason to bake - I ask of you:

What baking/bread-related item are you wishing for?

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3 Olives

Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc At Home and Peter Reinhart's Artisan Bread Everyday and Whole Grain Breads.

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I love cookbooks and the latest "want" is books with pictures of different shaped rolls and pastries. I can make pretty good doughs but my shaping is definitely unimaginative.

Brioche tins all sizes,

pannetone tins/papers all sizes,

remote sensor oven thermometer,

new oven,

larger mixer,

gamma seal lids for my grain buckets

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Except a larger kitchen with adequate storage for all of my flours, baking equipment, etc.!  Oh, and a large freezer.  I will settle for Rheinhart's "Whole Grain Breads", though.

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fan.  I shape all my bread and let it rise in a couche or banneton.


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I've more books and flour and baking toys than I have time to use as much as I would like!

About 30 years ago, I had a dream of a program I called "Zip a Day" which would compress time so that each day could contain more hours. I'm still waiting for the beta to be released. I need it.


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Brot Backer

I'm hoping for a dough whisk and a few more oval brotforms, fingers crossed!

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...from Breadtopia to match the one of each I have; Tartine; I can't believe I once wanted only to buy one bread-baking book--I've now got more than a dozen, but still want this one, and finally, a new, enamaled 6-qt cast iron Dutch oven. My current indoor DO (I've got two outdoor DO's with legs) has become a uni-tasker: I use it only for chili. Consequently, I need yet another because I want to make a cassoulet for twelve, for a New Year's dinner party. I've dropped endless hints, and added Tartine and the DO to my Amazon wish list. Wish me luck.

David G

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A scale

An extra bowl for my Kitchenaid

A couple of bannetons with linen covers

A cast-iron mortar and pestle

An electric coffee-grinder to use as a spice grinder

A three-tiered steamer (for steamed buns)

Cookbooks (see my Amazon and Powells wish lists)