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San Joaquin Sourdough and Apple Yeast Bread

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San Joaquin Sourdough and Apple Yeast Bread

This weekend was devoted to experimenting with fruit yeast, and a second go at an old favorite. While I was waiting for my apples to ferment, I was also nurturing a levain for David's famous San Joaquin Sourdough. My first trial at the San Joaquin had been okay, but fell short of David (dmsnyder)'s example, leaving room for improvement.

The Apple Yeast Bread was something entirely new, I had never heard of such a possibility before I read RonRay's Blog. Curiosity won over scepticism, and I watched my apples slowly disintegrating in their warm water bath, while producing little bubbles. I also had never tried baking in a Dutch oven, a method for single, "private", breads whereas most of my (professional) baking requires full oven capacity in order to accomodate several loaves at once.

With the results of both endeavours I was quite satisfied. Ron's Apple Yeast Bread proved the possibility of home grown, "sweet" non sourdough yeast, and developed a nice oven spring in its oven within the oven. David's San Joaquin Sourdough had a more open crumb than last time, and both had thin but crackling crust.

I would have loved to keep some - but no bread lasts longer than a couple of days in this undisciplined family. One of the sourdoughs served as the "flowers" at a dinner invitation, much to the delight of our friends. The other two breads, toasted and untoasted, we had for lunch.

Another starter and a soaker are waiting in the fridge for being joined together to "Feinbrot", and my stepdaughter's birthday requires some serious torte baking tomorrow..


Apple Yeast Bread

Apple Yeast Bread Crumb

San Joaquin Sourdough (with 60% hydration starter)

San Joaquin Sourdough Crumb


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Very nice crust and crumb.


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I just got my cast iron Dutch ovens today. I've been trying to decide what to bake in them first. Maybe I'll see how the SJ SD likes them.


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as I do, David.



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Both are beautiful, Karin! I think you have a Baking sickness called: Compulsive Baking Syndrome (CBS) ;)

Just kidding.. BTW how would you describe the flavor of Fruit raised yeast-bread vs. Commercial?


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They are looking great, Karin! Both of loaves are fantastic as usual.

Khalid- You made me laugh LOL. I hope that you will feel better soon. I have made fruit yeast bread everyday for more than 2 weeks ( I don't remember when I started right now ) Sometimes I smelled the fruit and tasted pinch of fruity flavor that I used for my yeast water in my bread, Sometimes I didn't taste it at all although I smelled the fruit everytime when I got close to the loaves after I just finished baking. It has more moist and a little stronger gluten in the bread than the commercial bread. It will keep moist as sourdough. When I retarded the yogurt yeast bread that I made from fruit yeast water other day, I didn't taste the yogurt flavor at all . But the taste was great.  Nice moist and soft crumb.  That is from my experience. You can get more information from Ron's thread if you are interested .

Sorry, Karin I might hijack your lovely post.



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Khalid, I smelled the apple aroma in the dough, when the bread was freshly baked, and when I cut it open an hour later, it also tasted very, very slightly like apple.

The next day these nuances were gone. But when I used the same bowl for my next dough, I could still smell the apple yeast when I scraped out the pain a l'ancienne dough the other day.

The bread tasted good, definitely milder, "sweeter" than one made with commercial yeast.


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yet again, Karin, awsome !  :)



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Karin - Hard to say something that hasn't been said.  The shapes, crust, and especially the crumb of the sourdough are just superb.  Easy to see why you have a hard time keeping bread around your house!


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Thanks to you, I too have a starter and soaker going for Feinbrot. My family and I have fallen in love with your recipe!

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Beautiful bread ! good crust good crumb...