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Where to find 100% whole wheat bread flour that is FINELY ground?

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Where to find 100% whole wheat bread flour that is FINELY ground?



I am a longtime baker of the whole wheat breads in Laurel's Bread Book.  Used to get my flour from Walnut Acres in PA; it was so finely ground and made the lightest highest loaves.


They've been out of the flour business for some time, & I've spent the last 5+ years trying to find great whole wheat bread flour.  I have tried various King Arthur WW flours and also shipped from various millers around the country.  Most are either stone ground, or not finely ground, so that the loaves just cannot get the same high light rise and beautiful crumb.  Walnut Acres' flour was organic, but at this point all I care about is the grind and good high protein bread flour...


Anybody have any wonderful sources for finely ground 100% whole wheat bread flour they can recommend?



Maryann in VA

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She has an option of very finely ground flours.

That's funny. Don't see the find grind option any more. It used to be there. She used to publish the high protein content too(14%?). I imagine they cover all of this when you call to order.

And look at those big beatiful loaves at the bottom of that product page. Wonder if she will share the recipe for those?

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I buy bulk high protein wheat berries from the link above (ask for Rhonda) - the best I have ever used.  She does custom grinding so speak to her.

Another thought: grind your own for the freshest of the fresh.

I have a wondermill that many sites sell for $239 plus free shipping.  I get flour from wheat or rye berries on the medium setting that is as fine as white AP flour - and have room for an even finer setting.  Been using mine for 15 years.  Some prefer the Nutrimill at the same price.

Rhonda will take good care of you either way!!

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Looks like grinding is (temporarily) unavailable at


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Excellent quality, very fine grinds.  Distributors that serve Virginia include:

Dutch Valley Foods 800-733-4191

E&S Bulk Foods 260-768-4738


Disclaimer: I am not employed by any of these companies and receive no financial benefit from providing this information.


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I temporarily removed the flours from my site as I will be traveling for the next two weeks. I will put it back up when I return. If you would like to place an order please either send me a message and I will get back to you or give me a call. I can do our grains in a fine grind.


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mrgbread I just sent you a messag regarding this.

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This is a british organic whole wheat bread flour which gives the light rise you mention.

Don't know if you can get it in the USA though.

(the 4th one down )

Lovely flavour too.

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Karen Guse

I don't know if you can get frankford farms in your area, but I get a wonderful organic wholewheat bread flour from them, they grind to order.  I would recommend there organic seven grain flour as well.


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Hi all,

Thanks for all those great leads!  Karen, as a matter of fact, yesterday I made Buttermilk Bread using some Frankferd Farms organic WW bread flour that I just purchased on a friend's recommendation.  It smells great, tastes pretty good, but the dough was on the rough side and it baked up a little crumblier and coarser than I hoped.  I also have 5 lbs of their "50/50 Proof" bread flour to give a try.

Paul & Jolly, re Wheat Montana, that is also a coincidence: when I placed the order @ frankferd Farms they recommended Wheat Montana Prairie Gold, so I also have 5# of that to try.  It does not say "bread flour" nor give any protein % but I'm sure it will be put to good use.  They actually sent that to me free of charge to give a try!

Interesting that it is available at Walmart; I am generally leery of buying WW flours off the shelves at groceries as you never know how long they've been sitting there and they don't stay fresh.  Nice to know I can skip shipping fees if its fresh and available as close as a Walmart, though.

Rhonda, Nick & mrfrost:  I have been toying with the idea of just biting the bullet and getting a grain mill for a long time.  It's not in my budget right now, but I am still not giving up on the idea altogether!

Thanks again!


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Karen Guse

I've never used it with buttermilk, I usualy use about 25% sir lancelot and 75% whole wheat, with just water salt and a little honey.  I use a wet dough, give quite a long furment, with two strech and folds.  Makes fantastic honey wheat with quite good oven spring.