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Depressed by bakery bread

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Depressed by bakery bread

I made a huge mistake and didn't properly cover the window on my oven door, and, yes, it is not cracked.  So until I can get it fixed next week or so, I'm not using the oven, especially at high temps.

In the meantime, there's a local grocery that has it's own bread company.  They do really excellent artisan style breads, and I bought a loaf on Saturday.  When I cut into it, I realized that my crust is so far from what they can do in those great commercial ovens that I'm almost depressed with my efforts.

Anyone with a woodburning oven know if the crust gets better in those?  I'm also thinking about trying a clay pot lid sort of thing, too, but I was moving more toward getting 2 thicker stones until I found out how much my crust sucks compared to the loaf I bought.