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Bread Sculptures!

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Bread Sculptures!

Turkey Loaf of Bread:  Made this for Thanksgiving this year...put cinnamon on the feathers and then cut into them with a scissors.


Alligator Loaf of Bread:  Used cloves for the eyes, this was my first sculpture.

Braided Egg Bread:  My first try at braiding...didn't turn out too bad.


Got any other scultpture ideas or pictures, let me know!  I'm open to anything!

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I love these! We haven't made "Frog Bread" in ages but it's always so much fun to see what funny shapes people make.


There were a bunch of really super inspired breads posted over in this thread too, including crab and fish :) :




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Great job on the sculptures.  I'm just trying to make decent looking and tasting bread at this point so maybe someday.  Love the alligator!! 


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Before he was cooked. :)  Just basic white bread.  He turned out great and was served on Christmas day!

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I made my first bread sculpture for a party last weekend.  Fun and definitely more to come out of my kitchen studio!

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Thank you for posting, we enjoy seeing these types of photos.