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Zeb's boule in a pot

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Zeb's boule in a pot

Inspired by Franko and many others, here I am joining in finally with the baking in a pot theme. This dough went straight into  a hot enamel lined cast iron pot, no parchment, no oil and came out clean as a whistle....  plus I must mention Dr Fugawe's awesome home grown Oregon starter (Grapplestein) which has emigrated safely to the UK and raised this one for me! I still don't know how to get those pointy slash ends, maybe I should start the slashes higher up or not cut so deep?  Joanna @ Zeb Bakes

Grappy 2


Pic below is a crumb shot of my first attempt at using a pot the day before  (which was a smaller loaf and higher hydration) The dough is a straight sourdough with a mix of strong white flour, spelt, rye and swiss dark flour, a little yoghurt, a spoonful of organic barley malt and seasalt

Grappy 1


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Joanna that's a great looking boule , including the slashing, pointy ends or not.

Nice bake and well done!


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Hi Joanna,

That does look delicious! Great shaping, crust coloration and crumb. it tastes good. 

Best wishes, Daisy_A

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It's a dramatic boule ! good color and big hole .

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Thanks Franko and Daisy A and Happylina for your kind words, it means a lot coming from you. This forum is such a wealth of knowledge and experimentation - just lovely!

....and thanks whoever sorted out the mess I made with the posts too (blush). 


Joanna @ Zeb Bakes