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feeding dough?

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feeding dough?



Im new to the forum and bread making, but I worked for a guy at the weekend making pizzas and he gave me the left over dough. He said feed it tonight and every few days with flour and sugar or honey and it'll survive as long as you want it, just break off bits when you want it.

So far its lasted a week and it seems fine (made pizza bases with it yesterday and they were lovely), but he didn't mention ammounts or anything else, just pretty much what i've written here. I am fascinated by this idea and want my dough to live as long as possible. So any advise or tips would be grateful. Also advise on what to look for if it dies?


Many thanks



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I would try equal weights of starter, flour , and water.  The sugars probably are not necessary.  However, your best source of information would be the baker from whom you got the starter.